How to Keep a Villa in Arcadia (2013)

On the historical role of the Giardini in the Venice Biennale.

From Birdsong to Light (2013)

Exhibition notes from From Birdsong To Light, Hungate Medieval Art, Norwich, 2013

Drawing and the Third Dimension (2013)

On Henry Moore's sculpture garden at Perry Green, Hertfordshire.

Robert Wilson's Walking (2012)

On Robert Wilson's Walking at the 2012 Norwich and Norfolk Festival.

Making our way through our lives (2008)

On composing and the act of thinking.

Practising Every Day (2010)

Transcript of a lunchtime talk at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich, 2010.

By the Magicians Hand (2008)

Programme notes on Stravinksy's Petrushka