39 spectrograms printed on acetate, accompanying stereo sound work, headphones.


Chant comprises thirty-nine spectrograms printed on acetate, accompanied by an audio sound work. Each spectrogram represents one of thirty-nine short, solo voice recordings made over a period of seven weeks in 2013. In each case, a single pitch was intoned into the microphone and recorded on digital media. No reference pitch was provided before the recording took place and yet the thirty-nine sung pitches tended towards a particular tone. The work concerns the notion that individuals have a ‘personal’ pitch that they are likely to intone if left, simply, to focus on singing a note that feels comfortable.

Chant was first exhibited as part of From Birdsong to Light a solo exhibition of sound installations by Nicholas Brown, Hungate Medieval Art, Norwich, from May 25 to June 16, 2013.

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