Battling Sopranos


Performance piece for seven singers | 6'

Detail from the choreographic score for Battling Sopranos by Nicholas Brown

First performance: Mimomaniac, Kings Place, London, Feburary 2009.

Programme notes

Battling sopranos is a choreographed performance-game for seven singers. Each participant sings an opera aria of their choice whilst moving around the space in a formation governed by Chladni figures.

Chladni figures show modes of vibration on a rigid surface. The work is an extemporization on a section of Nicholas Brown’s installation-performance, As I Have Memoyre, in which a singer’s voice is inscribed on a perspex plate in the form of a chladni pattern. The piece was therefore conceived for performance in the same context as As I Have Memoyre.

Battling Sopranos was first performed in Februrary 2009 at Kings Place, London as part of Mimomaniac’s sell-out debut show, ‘The Meaning Between Us’, for Sound & Music’s series of monthly experimental music nights, ‘The Sound Source’.