The Bravery of Women (2006)

The Bravery of Women is a performance piece (violin, voice, mime) with live video. It uses the Egyptian legend of Isis & Osiris as a way of investigating the act of practising the violin. It also examines the role played by adversity in causing extraordinary acts of human courage.

According to Egyptian legend, Osiris’s body was divided into 14 pieces by his brother, Typhon. Isis (Osiris’s wife) collected the pieces of her husband’s body and put them together again in order to become pregnant. In The Bravery of Women, the violinist reassembles fragmented phrases from a Bach sonata. Just as Isis rebuilt the human form, so the violinist rebuilds a musical work.

The Bravery of Women was written and produced for Monica Germino‘s ‘Plugged & Unplugged’ touring programme. Subsequently performed in the UK, USA, Netherlands & Canada during the 2007-8 season.