Chit-Chat (2017)

Chit-chat is an interactive sound installation that transforms a human vocalization into birdsong. When a participant speaks or sings into a microphone, their voice is transformed into a bird-call.

The sound of the bird-call is determined by the musical characteristics of whatever the participant says or sings into the mic. This bird-call triggers the sounds of further bird-calls, coming from the other bird-boxes. These additional bird-calls are different from the first, but are also shaped by the original vocalization. The result is a musical ‘conversation’ with a flock of ‘birds’.

Chit-chat is the third work in Nicholas Brown’s ongoing series of bird-box installations, following An Audience with the Trees (2005) and Bird Quartet (2009).

It featured in SOUND CHECK, an exhibition at Science Gallery, Dublin, June 9 – Sept 24, 2017.