What is it about music that releases our deepest memories? Nicholas Brown’s performance piece, As I Have Now Memoyre (2008), looks for answers in the relationship between a singing teacher and her student. Vocal artists Linda Hirst and Natasha Lohan inhabit an installation that is assembled during the course of the show. The audience is invited to wander amongst the performers and witness their actions as they decode musical notation with mirrors, write on polythene walls and, at one point, build a chamber for a quartet of birds that sings eighteenth-century music.

Film Version (2014):

The first installation-performance of As I Have Now Memoyre took place at Kings Place, London as part of Mimomaniac’s sell-out debut show, The Meaning Between Us, for Sound & Music’s series of monthly experimental music nights, ‘The Sound Source’. Since that original production, the work has toured to Riverside Studios, London (Tête à Tête opera festival, Aug 09), University of East Anglia (Sonic Arts series, No. 58, March 2010) and the Louise Blouin Foundation, London (April, 2010).

Excerpts from the original live performance (Tête à Tête opera festival, Riverside Studios, 2009):