The undulatory theory of light (2018)

Interactive, three-channel sound installation-performance
Plastic water container in acrylic box on stand, RGB light sensor, three transducers, amplifiers, batteries, arduino, xbee radios, macbook pro laptop running Max 7. Live four-channel performance. 
n/a [live performance approximately 8 mins]

Chit-chat (2017)

Interactive, four-channel sound installation.
Four bird boxes with internal loudspeakers, microphone, computer running MaxMSP, multichannel amplification.

On the Production of True Consonance (2016)

Sound installation after Giovanni Battista Benedetti (1530-90).
Elm wood monochord, yellow brass harpsichord wire, Arduino, servo motors, 8-channel audio, MaxMSP.

In Arcady (2015)

Sound installation comprising five electronic pieces based on field recordings of rural Norfolk. Composed to accompany F.C. Heathorn’s solo show of oil paintings, ‘In Arcady’ (Yallops Gallery, Norwich, 2015).

Medicatio (2013)

wooden monochord, motor, contact mic, hospital bed, live electronics, headphones

Chant (2013)

39 spectrograms printed on acetate with accompanying audio work

On the Operations of the Sun (2011)

twelve loudspeakers, synchronised digital video projection
9 mins

Bird Chamber (2008)

wood, polythene, bird boxes, electronics

The Soul Finds Rest in Unity (2007)

mixed visual & aural media

An Audience with the Trees (2005)

six-channel audio, six bird boxes
6 mins loop