vanishing Points (2017)

clavichord, electronics (maxMSP), distributed (web audio)
c. 12 mins

Starfish (2009, rev.2016)

tenor, piano, electronics; feat. time-lapse video of oil painting by F.C. Heathorn
8 mins

On the Generation Of Sounds (2015)

lecture-performance after Robert Grosseteste
c. 60 mins

Battling Sopranos (2009)

seven sopranos, CD, PA system.
6 mins

Nocturne (2009)

piano, lighting, cd, PA system
6 mins

As I Have Now Memoyre (2008)

two singers, installation, multi-channel electronics
60 mins

The Bravery of Women (2006-7)

violinist-singer, electronics, video
9 mins

Five Actions for a Violinist (2006)

violinist-singer, dummy violin
7 mins

Silence is Golden (2002)

violinist-actor, video feed, electronics
10 mins