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New Book Publication


I’m pleased to announce that an article of mine has just been published in an exciting new book from The Orpheus Institute, edited by Bob Gilmore and Darla Crispin. My article is titled, ‘Composing as a Way of Doing Philosophy’. In it, I talk about the works I wrote between c. 2005-9, including An Audience with the Trees (2005), The Bravery of Women (2006-7).

Leuven University Press describes the book as follows:

This book is the first anthology of writings about the emerging subject of artistic experimentation in music. This subject, as part of the cross-disciplinary field of artistic research, cuts across boundaries of the conventional categories of performance practice, music analysis, aesthetics, and music pedagogy.

More information here


April 2011: talks in London & Belgium

Two talks coming up next month…

On April 14, I’ll be giving a talk about As I Have Now Memoyre at Trinity College of Music in Greenwich, where it all began. Then on April 27th, I’ll be speaking about my recent work at the Orpheus Institute in Ghent, Belgium in the context of a seminar titled, ‘Experimentation in the Context of Performance Practice’.

At Orpheus, I’ll be talking about issues that run through both As I Have Now Memoyre and my domestic installation/live performance-piece of 2006-7, The Soul Finds Rest In Unity/The Bravery of Women. A lot of the ideas I worked with in creating the 2006-7 pieces recur in As I Have Now Memoyre. These have to do with asking questions about the role of the performer (given that we tend to accept the composer’s role as ‘author’ of a performance) and the way in which musicians are able to use events of musical performance to create (and manipulate) their sense of self.


The Bravery of Women in New York / Alkmaar

THE BRAVERY OF WOMEN will be performed/screened in New York and Alkmaar (NL) during Monica Germino‘s forthcoming tour of her ‘Plugged & Unplugged’ programme.

  • Thursday 23 October: Provadja Theatre, Alkmaar, Netherlands, 8.00pm. Click here for info/tickets.
  • Saturday 8 November: Adelphi University, Long Island, New York. 8.00pm. Click here for info/tickets.
  • Monday 10 November: Le Poisson Rouge NYC, 7.30pm. Click here for tickets

HCMF 2007

Two, related works will feature in this year’s Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. One is a transdisciplinary performance for concert-style presentation, the other is a domestic installation with ‘micro-performances’ that examines the demands of the former.

THE SOUL FINDS REST IN UNITY (2007) is an installation-performance in a domestic environment, in which violinist, Monica Germino, will reside for the duration of her stay in Huddersfield. Through video, sound, documents, drawings & micro-performances, this live installation theatricalizes the process of encountering my transdisciplinary work, THE BRAVERY OF WOMEN (2006-7), in terms of implications for the physical body and the violin-as-prosthesis. On 17 November, at 4 pm, Monica will give the first UK performance of this new work in her solo concert, PLUGGED & UNPLUGGED.

Information about these two events is available on the HCMF website.

  • Click here for the dedicated, project website THE SOUL FINDS REST IN UNITY.
  • Click here for HCMF information about THE SOUL FINDS REST IN UNITY
  • Click here for information about PLUGGED & UNPLUGGED.
films, Performances

The Bravery of Women : Canada, April 2007

Information about Monica Germino’s forthcoming performances of THE BRAVERY OF WOMEN in Canada next month can be found here.

The work is a transdisciplinary paean to musical performance that compares the act of practising the violin to the Egyptian legend of Isis & Osiris. As Isis reunited the dismembered parts of Osiris’s body, so the violinist seeks to reassemble fragmented phrases from a sonata by JS Bach. THE BRAVERY OF WOMEN comprises sung and spoken text, video, choreographed movement, electronics and live violin. It is the latest in my series of works that explores that nature of musical experience using both musical and non-musical media.

THE BRAVERY OF WOMEN features as part of Monica’s new solo programme, PLUGGED & UNPLUGGED, for violin, electric violin & voice with soundtrack, effects, samples, film, movement and installations. The programme includes pieces written especially for Monica, such as Louis Andriessen ‘s XENIA, Heiner Goebbels’s BAGATELLEN FUR VIOLINE as well as a version of Michael Gordon’s INDUSTRY for adapted violin and Philip Glass’s STRUNG OUT.