artist-composer, performer & writer


Three Choirs Festival 2011

Immersed in Processing code at the moment, working on a new performance-piece to be premiered at the Three Choirs Festival this August. Tricky to explain just yet: it has to do with ecclesiastical geometry (see the Fish’s Bladder, above). There will be 12 singers – Musica Beata, in fact, the very choir I formed with David Mumford at Oxford 17 years ago. There will an element of performance-theatre, too. More soon.


April 2011: talks in London & Belgium

Two talks coming up next month…

On April 14, I’ll be giving a talk about As I Have Now Memoyre at Trinity College of Music in Greenwich, where it all began. Then on April 27th, I’ll be speaking about my recent work at the Orpheus Institute in Ghent, Belgium in the context of a seminar titled, ‘Experimentation in the Context of Performance Practice’.

At Orpheus, I’ll be talking about issues that run through both As I Have Now Memoyre and my domestic installation/live performance-piece of 2006-7, The Soul Finds Rest In Unity/The Bravery of Women. A lot of the ideas I worked with in creating the 2006-7 pieces recur in As I Have Now Memoyre. These have to do with asking questions about the role of the performer (given that we tend to accept the composer’s role as ‘author’ of a performance) and the way in which musicians are able to use events of musical performance to create (and manipulate) their sense of self.